The James Cabin on Salt Lake

“The best kept secret on the Texas Gulf Coast”

Rockport, Texas

 The new Look!

Welcome to the 2013 Season

Things have changed at the James Cabin!  The exterior of the Cabin underwent some major exterior repairs this past fall and the place doesn’t look the same.  Removed the Miss Annie–she was literally falling apart.

Last summer we were busy just about every week-end and many weeks so best get your reservations in early for the this season.  We will charge $90 a night rate for this year.

The James Cabin is located at 142 Lakeview Rd. in the Copano Cove subdivision of Salt Lake.  It was the winter home of Ann and Herb James of Ohio for nine years. When they both passed away quite unexpectedly in 2006 we purchased the Cabin from their estate. We have used it for family, friends and rental property since we acquired it. They were wonderful neighbors and we still miss them but we like to think they would approve of what we have done with the Cabin. And I know for certain that Ann’s spirit loves to watch the joy and excitement of children who visit us.